To play Golem first, play with one of your Golem's items to get some energy, then click on world in the navigational menu.

Then, walk around the world by clicking on the arrows untill you spot some monsters, when you walk on top of a monster you'll be able to attack it!

When you attack a onster you'll see it's reamaining HP along with your available attacks, as you level up more attacks will become available. Choose and attack, then click the attack button. For every hit you'll gain EXP, and if you defeat a monster you'll also have a chance to gain a new item.

Once your golem reaches either level 3,6, or 9 you will be able to evolve your Golem! The link will appear in the navigation bar, and clicking it will take you to a page where you can make a choice depening on your Golem's current stage.